Net Metering

- Net Metering is a government incentivized solar program that allows homeowners to go green with little to no upfront cost by using the local utility companies grid. This program is brand new to the midwest but has existed for years in states like California and Florida! In fact, in California it is actually state law to install solar with net metering when a new home is built. In order to go solar and utilize this new program you must qualify personally and your home must qualify too. Personally, you need a 650 credit score or better unless your buying your system in cash and your home must be able to pass a site survey that ensures your house has the proper structure to support the panels.

How it works:

- Net metering works by utilizing power from the sun. When kilowatt hours are produced, they are sent back over to the utility companies grid where they store your power and give you energy credits to for kWh you have produced throughout the day. At night when the sun isn’t shining, you just pull from those stored up credits back to the house. So instead of paying your local utility company in dollars and cents, now you just pay them in electricity. The great thing about this is that is is 1:1, so when you produce 1 kWh from your solar panels, the utility company credits you 1 kWh back to your account. This solves the big problem in renewable energy which is batteries. No you don’t have to spend $10,000 for 2 or 3 batteries to be added onto your system, you can just connected to the grid that already exist and save money day one!

Why it is happening:

-Right now we are in a massive energy deficient in the United States, fact 123. So the federal government is incentivizing utility companies to use their grid to help the transition to green energy. Once 20% of the states energy comes from renewables (solar, wind, and hydro) they will receive massive tax credits with no end in site. So there is something in it for them too, they aren’t just saving you money out of the goodness of their heart.